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minds said government spending programs hurt the economy. they have a new bock by the george w. bush institute the four percent solution. i smoke to former governor jeb bush earlier. >> it is great to be with you. >> i see the governors running on campaign of reform and cutting things and geth the budget under control. they get in office and then they beat the day lights out of them because they kept ape campaign promise. scott walker in wisconsin, and rick scott in florida, and so what are we to make of the fact that people don't want them to fulfill the promises? >> i think they do. you earn people's respect over the long hall if people want to be popular than do what is right. i admire what rick scott is doing in florida and scott walker went in a fire storm and came out stronger because of it people want genuine and they want people to understand the concerns and also want leaders and they want people to lay out an agenda and execute on that agenda passion and conviction . >> people don't understand in the state level the budget doesn't have to balance. it is not like the feds wh
? yes, okay. when you have a chance of winning, if you are george w. bush, if you are bill clinton, if you are mitt romney, the trick is that you need for percent of the country to love you to get through your primary. the right 40 or the left 40 or the 30% -- the trick is when the primary occurs, when it without doing anything that makes it harder to get to 50. mitt romney was determined to do nothing to move farther to the right and necessary to get the nomination. unlike george w. bush in 2000, bill clinton in 1992, where governor carter in 1976, his challengers were on the right and not in the center. bill clinton did not have to move to the left to be people. george w. bush had challengers. john mccain, on the left of him. deep forbes decided to not be the right-wing menace. mitt romney, unlike many other candidates, which faced far more verlyn challengers sucking up delegates and growth in pockets, none of them could ever win by that. but they all did challenges and there were some weak planning that no one expected. i am certain that nobody expected they would have to come o
policy speeches with a bit of a grain of salt, paul. remember when george w. bush was running for president he talked about a more humble foreign policy. obama promised to close down guantanamo. he extended many of president bush's policies. so it is hard to say at this stage of the game what mitt romney really means and what and how he might act as commander in chief. >> and in afghanistan and syria, dan, pretty general comments by governor romney, not real specific, particularly on syria which is the hottest issue now going. pretty much stayed a step back about saying what he would do. >> syria is a difficult issue. afghanistan the president said he is pulling troops down. it is difficult for romney to say i will push troops back up. >> particularly when the american public seems to be war weary and supports this withdrawal. >> i think matt made an important distinction that needs to be emphasized. this isn't just president obama this is modern democratic foreign policy doctrine calling it leading from behind. which means we only act until we get the support of allies report
. >> eleanor? >> richard carmona, formerly george w. bush's surgeon general now running as a democrat for u.s. senate? arizona will be a featured speaker at the democratic convention, possibly a keynoter. >> and ted will be in the senate as one of the five most conservative as long with jeff blake of arizona, jim demint, mike lee and rand paul. >> paul? >> they are not all elected. >> etch will think the upcoming debates in october and the presidential candidates will be absolutely decisive because the race is so short or so tight, but it will have no effect on the outcome. >> u.s. economic stagnation even with new stimulus will continue through august, september, and october freezing the 44th u.s. president to one term. blessed ramadan! bye-bye.
, formerly george w. bush's surgeon general now running as a democrat for u.s. senate? arizona will be a featured speaker at the democratic convention, possibly a keynoter. >> and ted will be in the senate as one of the five most conservative as long with jeff blake of arizona, jim demint, mike lee and rand paul. >> paul? >> they are not all elected. >> etch will think the upcoming debates in october and the presidential candidates will be absolutely decisive because the race is so short or so tight, but it will have no effect on the outcome. >> u.s. economic stagnation even with new stimulus will continue through august, september, and october freezing september, and october freezing the 44th u.s. president to captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund >>> governor brown's massive $14 billion plan to build a pair of tunnels to transport water from north to the south and restore delta wetlands is already making waves with opposition by some environmental groups and democratic lawmakers. >> we will take into account the opposition, but we will not twiddle our thumbs. we
. the person who bought the george w. bush's had had a smile on his face. he did not waste a single dollar on florida. the big smile on his face men to it was to " -- meant that it was too close for comfort. they did not waste any money in florida because they won by 530 votes, whatever it was. they obviously do not think like that. they are obviously not trying to get efficiency in that particular way. but advertising matters at the margin. you look at the 2000 election and it was close. 2004 was close, also. 70,000 votes with the other way in ohio. president john kerry, two dozen to a big republican victory taking back the senate. -- in 2002, a big republican victory taking back the senate. advertising clearly it was not decisive in other elections, as well. may i tell you whether it is 1.4% or 1.6%? no. i can say that in election where the engine is likely to matter -- where the margin is likely to matter, those advertisements can be decisive. what are they trying to do? you have to understand the fundamentals of an election. and why the ads are so -. presidential elections are a refere
obama compared with 16% who trusted george w. bush. most countries surveyed have much higher approval ratings of america in 2012 than they did in 2008 when bush was president. and by the way, consider why obama's ratings are low in one area in particular, the arab world. the two strongest justifications given by people in every arab country that was surveyed were, first, that obama has not been fair in dealing with the israeli/palestinian issue and, second, that he's used drone attacks in afghanistan and pakistan to go after terrorists. in other words, the reason obama has lost some of his global popularity is that he's perceived as too pro-israeli and too hawkish. think about that, mitt romney. romney has tried to used the standard-issue cold war republican attack on democrats. the world is dangerous, our enemies are growing strong, obama is weak. the problem is most americans recognize that none of this is really true. the world is actually quite peaceful right now. our adversaries like iran are weak and isolated. china is growing strong, but it has not used its power to contest ame
party here in the united states. going back over the last ten years, since george w. bush forged a very close relationship with former british prime minister tony blair, with whom he was not an ideological soul mate. here was an opportunity for mitt romney and david cameron, peas in a pod politically, both conservatives to try and establish some kind of alliance that could take them both forward. and instead, mitt romney has found himself causing david cameron to come out and push back on this issue of the olympics, because as chris ship knows, better i think than any of us, david cameron's own credibility is at stake over the success or failure of these olympic games. >> well, let's look at romney trying to clean up the mess. but i do want to remind our viewers here in the states of what david cameron did to take a shot at him in the morning. let's take a look at this morning on the "today" show, our big morning show here. mitt romney tried to end the static he had stirred up with a "nightly news" interview he did with brian williams. he did it by complimenting now. he has switched in
for re-election. there was also then governor george w. bush his hands touching the wall. there had been other famous faces, elizabeth taylor and richard burton in 1975 but it was in 2000 world watched an ailing pope john paul ii making an historic trip attempting build a stronger relationship between catholics and jews we wish to commit ourselves to genuine brotherhood with the people and tonight two more prayers added with quiet wishes from america. all of those powerful moments from the western wall. that is the broadcast tonight from jerusalem. diane sawyer right back at the desk tomorrow night. for sharyn alfonsi back in new york and for all of us have a good evening. good night from jerusalem. ñ'
rove was george w. bush's brain, then david axelrod is barack obama's homer. what i mean by that is that david axelrod is a brilliant creator, personal stories of politicians. when brock barack obama ran in 2008, he did not have a record to run on. but he didn't have to run on that. what he had was his personal story. the son of a black african and white middle american mother. a man who saw his identity and found it, he was raised by his saintly grandparents and so forth. this is a homeric story, if you will. homer was known for talking about a trip, and during the trip, coming to some inner understanding of oneself. this is a story that david axelrod passion for obama to run on. the problem is, in this day and age, this is the story we have been there and done and seen and we cannot do it again. he does not have a record of success with the economy. i don't think anybody would disagree with that. he can point to certain liberal causes, such as health care, but we see that in the polls, but that is not a popular thing to run on. what he has been running on instead of dav
, but then again for george w. bush in 2000, i had a couple of calls from politicians, said, you know, it really helped me in my race back home because i was on the list. somebody could leak the fact that they were on the list. but that was the big list. it was easy to get on the big list. the tough one is the small list. the one is really under consideration. the test to get on that small list, is this person capable of being the president of the united states? and that's a very, very short list. >> what about the other considerations? can you reach out to a specific demographic, a woman or a hispanic? >> those are important issues. they should never be allowed to override that first proposition and i think that's one of the problems that mccain had. i liked governor palin, i have met her, i know her. she's an attractive candidate. but based on her background, she was only governor for two years, i don't think she passed that test of being ready to take over. and i think that was a mistake. >> for more from my interview with former vice president cheney tune in to "good morning america," "world
george h.w. bush. he said he was a good president. he said he was never called a wimp before and doesn't lose any sleep over the criticism. brian? >> peter alexander traveling in jerusalem. thanks. >>> former vice president dick cheney said it was a mistake for senator john mccain to pick then alaska sarah palin as his running mate back in '08. he said she just want ready to take over the top job, a bottom line qualification for a v.p. selection. >> i like governor palin. i've met her. i know her. she's an attractive candidate, but based on her background, she'd only been governor for about two years. i don't think she passed that test. >> of being ready. >> of being ready to take ore. i think that was a mistake. >> governor -- former vice president cheney went on to say that the mccain campaign didn't handle the vetting process well, which is a perception the romney campaign is, of course, trying hard not to repeat. >>> now to syria where violence continued to intensify today in that country's largest city, aleppo. as we pointed out last night, this is a city larger than chicago, illi
. if you think back to history. george h.w. bush or others, usually it's republican presidents who vow to do more. really that's flipped and now you have the republicans saying they're going to be more arm in arm and the others claiming it's in their interest. >> you know, ron, let's backtrack to the uk. when he was there, he talked about a special relationship but he caught a lot of heat from the british. there was a lot of comments about the preparation for the olympics. >> was that trip positive or negative? >> unee kievically negative. kind of a modern tradition. it's supposed to be the tennis without a net part. it's supposed to kind of elevate you and convince voters in the u.s. to be commander in chief. he's had a pretty rocky time of it. criticized by dave cameron who's a conservative tiff. even more so, the mayor of london who's the william f. buckley of politics. even today's comments about iran and romney kind of fuzzing it, i mean this has not been a kind of demonstration of steadiness, a mention they were going to send. >> ron brown steen, good insight, thank you. ron. >>
%. gennifer flowers was going on. bush in 2000, 37%. george hfmt w. bush -- these were not spectacular numbers. midsummer, americans don't like politicians much. >> especial when when you're getting pounded by both sides. both candidates' unfavorable rating up in the latest poll. let me come back to the likability question. is the whole thing overdone by the press? maybe this year the public will want somebody who can fix the economy and doesn't particularly care if it's the most charming person on the planet. >> well, look, i think one of the things holding obama up despite the bad economy is the -- the likability numbers. seems to be giving him a couple more point -- >> this is a legitimate story in your view? >> i think it's legitimate. i think actually because of the polarized electorate, these guys have a very narrow range they operate in. both their approval and their likability. romney's approval or likability is never going to get that low, at least not in this election because the -- the base of the republican party is going to support him. same with obama. they have a -- a -- >> i've
of the house. he served on the defense policy board under president george w. bush. in 1999, gingrich was appointed to the united states commission on national security 21st century and the -- commission to examine national security challenges. he is also committed to developing free-market health care reforms centered on the individual. in 2003, he founded the center for health transformation. he and his wife host and produce award winning documentary films together and author the author of books. his daughter has spoken at the luce policy interests -- institute and has written policy breaks for us. he has written 23 books, including 13 "the new york times" best sellers. during his leadership he used his incredible background to be one of the strongest, most compelling and innovative conservative leaders on the stage. join me in welcoming this extraordinary conservative leader, newt gingrich. [applause] >> thank you all. some housekeeping. i will give you a very brief talk so we can spend most fun -- most of the time questions you want and at the very end we will take two or three mi
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)